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Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite beverages at Madeinistra.com. Our assortment includes wine, gin, and Rakija – the true art of taste created for connoisseurs.

Gin Istrian, Martesi
34.13 € 34.13 € 34.13 EUR
Corretto, Monachus
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Dry Gin, Monachus
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Sparkling Brut, Babos
12.50 € 12.50 € 12.5 EUR
Rakija Gino Travarica, Martesi
26.63 € 26.63 € 26.63 EUR
Rakija Muscat Rose, Martesi
26.63 € 26.63 € 26.63 EUR
Istrian Malvasia KZP, Babos
10.00 € 10.00 € 10.0 EUR
Sparkling Vine Rose, Babos
11.38 € 11.38 € 11.38 EUR
Valbisugo, Babos
16.38 € 16.38 € 16.38 EUR
Marana, Babos
16.38 € 16.38 € 16.38 EUR
Vin de Rosa, Babos
21.38 € 21.38 € 21.38 EUR
Rakija Malvasia, Martesi
26.63 € 26.63 € 26.63 EUR
Rakija Yellow Muscat, Martesi
21.25 € 21.25 € 21.25 EUR
Rakija Biska, Martesi
26.63 € 26.63 € 26.63 EUR
Rakija Lozica, Martesi
33.75 € 33.75 € 33.75 EUR
Liquer Teranino, Martesi
26.63 € 26.63 € 26.63 EUR
There Will Be Blood Orange Gin, Monachus
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Breakfast in Palermo Gin, Monachus
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
First Citrus, Monachus Special
40.00 € 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Muskat White, Babos
9.38 € 9.38 € 9.38 EUR

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite flavours with our diverse product catalogue at Madeinistra.com. Our products are not just purchases; they are an opportunity to turn every meal into a real festival for your taste buds.

Exquisite Food and Beverage Products

Choose from a variety of food and beverage products featured in our catalogue. Each product guarantees quality and a unique taste.

Don't miss the chance to make your choice in favour of genuine culinary delight. Madeinistra.com is your best partner for creating an impressive dining experience.

Explore the World of Pleasure with Madeinistra.com: Exquisite Truffles and Exclusive Delicacies

Introducing the Art of Amazing Flavors

Madeinistra.com  is not just a store; it is the gateway to a world of exquisite products where each item is a source of pleasure and a true gastronomic experience. Let's open the doors to this magical world together!

Truffles:  An Extraordinary Gastronomic Adventure

Let's start with the king of gastronomy –  truffles . Madeinistra.com offers you a unique collection of high-quality truffles, meticulously gathered with love and care. From black treasures to white delights, our assortment satisfies even the most discerning gourmets.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Treasure of Health and Flavor

Immerse yourself in the world of aromatic extra  virgin olive oil . Madeinistra.com presents a collection of oils that not only add a unique taste to your dishes but also enrich your diet with beneficial nutrients.

Fine wines: explore the world of wine at Madeinistra.com

Explore a variety of fine wines at Madeinistra.com. Our selection includes superb examples of local wines and the finest varieties created with care and dedication. Whether you're a red, white or rose  wine connoisseur, we guarantee we have a drink to suit your taste. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of exquisite flavours and enjoy every sip.

Beverages: Elegant Variety

Our range of drinks includes not only wine and truffle, but also fine gin and incomparable Rakija. Celebrate special occasions and savour the moment with exclusive drinks from Madeinistra.com.

Food Products: Luxury for Every Day

Madeinistra.com offers you unique  food products  – from outstanding cheeses to exquisite sauces and jams. Immerse yourself in a world of flavours and create your culinary masterpieces.

Prosciutto: Istria Delicacy on Your Table

Prosciutto  is an integral part of Istrian cuisine. Madeinistra.com invites you to choose the most tender and flavourful varieties that will bring true taste to your table.

Gift Boxes: The Perfect Gift for Gourmets

Complete your selection with gift boxes from Madeinistra.com. It's the perfect way to delight your loved ones and give them a true piece of Istria luxury.

Conclusion: Open the Doors to Pleasure at Madeinistra.com

Madeinistra.com  is not just about buying products; it's about immersing yourself in a world of taste where each product is a work of art. Open the doors to this gastronomic journey and allow yourself to enjoy exceptional flavours from the best producers. Pleasure awaits you at Madeinistra.com!