Porcini & White Truffles, Pietro&Pietro

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Porcini mushrooms cream with white truffles is a rhapsody of forest flavours. The warmth additionally releases the intertwined flavours of the porcini mushrooms and white truffles. You can simply pour it over carefully selected pasta or a piece of meat, and it can also serve as a base for the preparation of more complex sauces, depending on the availability of seasonal foods (herbs, berries, mustards, jams, cognacs and liqueurs…)

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About Pietro&Pietro Porcini With White Truffles

Embark on a culinary journey with Pietro&Pietro's porcini with white truffles, a masterpiece crafted by Istria's finest producers. Order your jar today and let the magic of Istrian forest flavoursnt; it's a rhapsody of forest flavours that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Istria's pristine landscapes.

Picture this: a luscious blend of earthy porcini mushrooms and the exquisite aroma of white truffles, entwined in a rich, velvety cream. This delicate harmony creates an elixir that captures the very essence of Istria's terroir. Each spoonful is a sensory journey through the dense Istrian forests, where these culinary gems are meticulously foraged.

This elixir of porcini with white truffles is more than a mere condiment; it's a culinary enchantment. Elevate your dining experience by drizzling it over carefully selected pasta, turning a simple dish into a gourmet delight. Enhance the succulence of a perfectly cooked piece of meat or use it as a base for creating more intricate sauces. Porcini with white truffles invites you to become a culinary artist.

Pietro&Pietro brings you the warmth of Istrian tradition in every jar. Their porcini with white truffles is a testament to the centuries-old culinary heritage of this region. Each jar encapsulates the expertise and passion of our producers, ensuring that you experience the true essence of Istrian gastronomy.

Whether an aspiring home chef or a seasoned culinary enthusiast, porcini with white truffles is your culinary ally. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Istrian gastronomy with Pietro&Pietro's porcini with white truffles. Order your jar today and let the magic of Istrian forest flavours elevate your dining experience to new heights!

About Pietro&Pietro

As keepers of the Istrian tradition, Pietro&Pietro pass on the secrets about truffle hunting, the forest, dog training, preparing authentic dishes and creating top quality products from one generation on to another.

The story of family heritage starts in 1932. This is when great-grandfather Pietro Černeka bought his first sniffer dog Reno. Over time, Reno became an exquisite truffle hunter. Since then, for six generations already, they have been cultivating their love for truffles.

Even today, mother Anita and daughter Danijela, followed by sniffer dogs Biba and Mojca, go into the mysterious Motovun woods at dawn or eve, looking for hidden treasures. By passing their knowledge on to younger members of the family, they create new generations of truffle tradition keepers.

Respecting the principles of tradition, harmony with nature and a high level of quality control, they are proud of our family processing and production of truffles in Mala Huba next to Buzet, near Motovun woods – our truffle hunting location.

They pride themselves in many original products ready for tasting, consumption and delivery to your table.

Each product is made with the best, carefully selected ingredients and comes as a result of rich tradition, great effort, responsibility and love.

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