Rakija Malvasia, Martesi

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A spirit that truly encapsulates the essence of the Istrian landscape. A delicate brandy crafted from the pomace of Istrian Malvasia grapes, aged in acacia barrels. The smoothness of the flavour and the playful character of this brandy exude the spirit of Istria. A "traditional" brandy in an entirely new light. Experience the heart of Istria in every sip – a journey through tradition, reimagined.

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About Martesi Rakija Malvasia

Istrian Malvasia belongs to the semi-aromatic varieties, making it ideal for the production of elegant pomace brandies. The synergy between acacia and Malvasia maintains a tradition from the past when acacia barrels were much more prevalent. Pressing Malvasia is a challenging task, given its dense pomace, which brings a special delight to us, distillers. There's a beautiful moment in the evening after the harvest when everything is slowly tidied up for the next day, and the sun has already set. Coming to the winemaker and catching a whiff of freshly pressed, juicy Malvasia takes us back to spring when the scents are in full bloom.

Interestingly, those unfamiliar with the world of grape pomace spirits quickly recognize the distinctive aroma of Muscat, but true aficionados always return to our "classic."

This is the first brandy in Istria that has aged in acacia wood, a source of pride for us, symbolizing the successful fusion of two Istrian icons. Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in every drop – a true Istrian masterpiece.

Main charachteristics

Raw material: Fresh pomace of Istrian Malvasia grapes

Distillation: Double distillation on a hand-forged copper alembic with separation of the head and tail of the brandy

Ageing: Minimum one year in acacia barrels

Aroma: A fragrance of meadow honey interwoven with notes of acacia flower, vanilla, and ripe peach

Alcohol content: 41%

Made in Istra recommends Rakija Malvasia after meals or in moments of relaxation.

About Martesi Distillery

In the alchemical realms of flavour and tradition, the enchanting tale of Distillery Martesi unfolds, a narrative that commenced its spirited journey in 2012. Guided by the visionary vigour of owner Davor Turković, each distillation, maceration, and artful choreography of herb and grape cultivation at Martesi is a poetic ode to the heartbeat of Istria – an odyssey delving into the very soul of this captivating land.

Within the hallowed walls of Martesi, the alchemy of transformation is not merely a craft; it is a fervent pursuit of bridging the ethereal gap between the tangible and the intangible – a quest to capture the very essence of Istria's terrain, the whispers of its winds, the flavours that linger on its vines, and the timeless customs that shape its spirit.

Distillery Martesi stands as a vibrant testament, a fervent elevation of tradition, where the wish is for the achieved pinnacle to become a dynamic heritage, a fertile ground from which new possibilities may sprout and flourish once more. 'Martesi' isn't just a name; it is a toponym resonating with the echoes of the vineyard and orchard that bore the first fruits for rakija production. It is a living canvas where premium Vignac grapes, destined for their flagship product, now flourish under the Istrian sun.

Situated amidst the splendour of a coveted location, Martesi crafts its premium distillates from the revered Malvasia and Muscat Rose of Poreč, traditional varieties cherished through time. Yet, Martesi's passion extends beyond the vineyards to the untamed realms of local aromatic herbs and fruits, unfurling new possibilities daily. Their pursuit is not just about crafting rakija; it is a mission to redefine its status – to showcase that rakija can be a noble elixir, standing shoulder to shoulder with the finest distillates across the globe.

In the heart of Istria, Martesi beckons connoisseurs and curious souls alike to embark on a sensory odyssey, where tradition intertwines with innovation, and every sip is a symphony echoing the spirit of a land steeped in allure and heritage.

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