Rakija Yellow Muscat, Martesi

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Unveil a captivating symphony of gentle, floral notes with our Yellow Muscat Brandy. This delicately perfumed brandy offers a recognizable scent of yellow Muscat, creating a unique and enchanting experience. Let the aromatic embrace linger, enhancing every sip and turning each moment into a refined affair. Elevate your tasting journey with the sophistication of Muscat in a glass of our premium brandy.

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About Martesi Yellow Muscat rakija

Gentle, floral, somewhat "perfumed." The recognizable scent of Muscat Yellow. The impression is enhanced by the release of Muscat aroma a few seconds after sipping, providing a unique experience of Muscat in a glass of brandy.


RAW MATERIAL: Muscat Yellow grape pomace from the red soil area of Poreč DISTILLATION:
Double distillation on a hand-forged copper alembic with separation of the head and tail of the brandy
AGING: One year in stainless steel barrels
AROMA: Floral with a pronounced Muscat note intertwined with thyme, vanilla, and a long-lasting aftertaste of roses

Made in Istra recommends enjoying yellow Muscat premium brandy paired with dessert or Istrian sweets.


Muscat Yellow provides pomace with a distinct aroma and mouthfeel longevity. The scent reminiscent of flowers has a "perfumed" taste, thanks to terpenes abundant in the grape skin. In conditions of high temperature and suitable pH values in the alembic, terpene bonds loosen, giving a floral, Muscat pomace that is easily recognizable. The challenge with Muscat Yellow lies in its scarcity in Istria, and each harvest becomes a race against time to collect the highest-quality pomace. Through double distillation on a classic alembic, it's fascinating to observe the development and transition of aromas from pomace to smooth brandy and then the concentration of aromas in the second distillation. Thanks to a higher alcohol percentage, we obtain a pronounced floral-fruit aroma of Muscat at the heart of the distillate.

Logistically, Muscat poses challenges because most winemakers have limited quantities of pomace, making it demanding to prepare the raw material in time and gather enough for distillation. Hence, the quantity is significantly restricted by the harvest and conditions during its duration.

About Martesi Distillery

The distillery started working in 2012. From the very beginning, driven by the incredible energy of the owner Davor Turković, with every distillation, maceration, collection and cultivation of herbs and grapes, the Istrian distillery Martesi strives to get closer to the territory, smells, tastes, and customs of Istria. Distillery Martesi represents a passionate upgrade of a tradition with a wish that the achieved level becomes a new heritage, on which it is possible to build and create again. Martesi is also the toponym of the vineyard and orchard where the first fruits for the production of rakija were harvested, and where the grapes for their premium product vignac grow today. Awarded with a wonderful location, they create a premium distillate from traditionally preserved varieties - Malvasia and Muscat Rose of Poreč. They also develop distillates based on local aromatic herbs and fruits, which opens up new possibilities that they explore every day, where the special motivation is to show that rakija can be a noble distillate, alongside the world's best distillates.

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