Piece of cow cheese, Sanvincenti

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Indulge in the delectable experience of our 200g vacuum-sealed package featuring expertly sliced prosciutto from OPG Sanvincenti. Meticulously crafted with a traditional approach and rooted in top-quality ingredients, each bite unveils the rich heritage and exquisite taste synonymous with their family farm. Savour the deliciousness of premium prosciutto, a testament to the dedication and expertise passed down through generations, ensuring an unparalleled culinary delight in every slice.

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About Cheese by Sanvincenti Family

Savour the exceptional taste of our 300/500/1000 g vacuum-sealed package, showcasing the masterfully cheese from OPG Sanvincenti. This culinary masterpiece is carefully crafted with a traditional approach, dried to perfection on the powerful Istrian bura winds.

About OPG (Agricultural Enterprise) Sanvincenti

Recently founded agricultural enterprise by young and entrepreneurial Val Matej Salaj. After completing high school, Matej heeded his grandfather's call to join him in the time-honoured craft of prosciutto-making. Moving from Zagreb back to Pula, he took the plunge and established a family farm in 2019. Guided by his grandfather's wealth of experience, Matej immersed himself in mastering every production process, and with enthusiasm, they commenced their journey with 300 prosciuttos.

In a remarkable turn of events, they sold out within a single season. This success fueled their ambition to expand into other artisanal offerings, introducing olive oil, and crafting new products like pancetta, pork loin, and neck. The natural progression led to the inception of 'Pršut Ulje Vino Sir' (Prosciutto Oil Wine Cheese), our store, a collaborative project with fellow Istrian producers, showcasing the rich tapestry of our offerings.

Being a young company with a robust foundation in tradition and experience passed down from his grandfather, Matej strives to bring the finest selection of local delicacies to the heart of gastro-enthusiasts at the most affordable prices. They aspire to rekindle the Istrian traditional culinary practices and establish themselves as a beacon of quality and affordability.

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