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Vin de Rosa originates from an old tradition of Vodnjan. It is a sweet and very fragrant wine. Made from a composite mix of Malvasia and Muscat Rose. Appears orange-coppery with an intense and complex aroma of dried fruit, ripe fruit, compote and acacia honey. It tastes sweet and full, with an elegant body and an excellent balance of acidity, alcohol and sugars. Has a long aftertaste.

Capacity (L): 0,375

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About Babos Vin de Rosa 2018 

Production area: Vodnjan, Region of Istria

Variety: Istrian Malvasia 90%, Muscat Rose 10%

Category: sweet dessert wine

Vineyards: vineyards are 50 years old, form of pruning single Guyot, altitude 150 m, rows orientation N-S. The ground is a skeletal red Istrian soil with an ideal mineral and chemical composition and rich in natural organic substances.

Yield: 1 – 1,5 kg/vine

Vinification: The process is carried out following the long tradition of Vin de Rosa. Grapes are hand-selected than natural dried in ventilated rooms for 2-3 months. The dried grapes are pressed manually. Alcohol fermentation in oak barrels lasts 30 days. After that the wine matures in barrique for 2 years and another year in the bottle.

Alcoholic grade: 14,0 % vol

Total acids: 5,2 g/L

Residual sugars: 130 g/L

Packaging: 0.5 L

Best served at: 20 - 22°C

Best served by: in the period from 2022 to 2028.

Made In Istra recommends pairing Vin de Rosa with smoked cow’s cheeses, hard sheep’s cheese, crème brulee, vanilla ice cream, dry cookies, amaretti, dried fruit, and just a glass as meditation wine.

About Babos Winery

The family

The concept of tradition gets its true value through the generations that transmit love, passion and desire to preserve family treasures. In a sea of manufacturers, just a way of transmitting the tradition from generation to generation is the motive that makes us different. The story of the Giacometti-Moscarda family began with grandmother Livia and grandfather Claudio. Their foundations with their work and ideas were reinforced by Guglielmo and Lorella who passed love for nature, tradition and family business to sons Matteo and Luca. They transformed a love for wine growing into a brand that spreads its roots into the future. 

Knowledge of modern technology of grapes, the specific varieties and maintenance of wine preparations Matteo met through schooling in Udine, where he graduated in oenology. Their business is achieved through constant work, divided tasks and constant education. While Matteo devotes his time to monitoring wine properties, Luca works on marketing and presenting many products from their supply.

The brand Babos

The meaning of every brand is hidden in its core roots. Babos finds its foothold in our location - the City of Vodnjan. In its meaning, a long tradition and the history of our ancestral hometown are intertwined. 'Babos' is the name of an ancient part of Vodnjan where our winery is situated. In the town's history, it is well known that not every street had its name, so the inhabitants divided the city into regions.

The winery

In Babos Winery, innovation technology is masterly integrated with the local tradition. Oak wine barrels from Croatia and France, made with the same material used fifty years ago, together with new refined installations, for an always-leading winery in the oenological culture of Vodnjan.

Passion, hard work and shared values guided the Giacometti-Moscarda family in every historical change and they keep on accompanying them through their successes.

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