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        Careful selection of the best Istrian truffles.



        An amazing selection of some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.


        Wines and spirits from award-winning Istrian producers.


        High-quality and mouth-watering gastronomic delicacies.



        The fragile Mediterranean environment and unspoiled nature are highly respected and preserved by local communities. It provides the basis for phenomenal food, wine and oil production and adds uniqueness to the natural beauty of Istria.


        Tradition and quality 

        Over the past 30 years, many local producers have invested in education and modern technology, combining them with the secrets of tradition. As a result, we have a gastronomic destination of the highest quality.


        Local production 

        All the products in our store are locally made, family-owned. This means the best you can get as it is filled with love and passion, while at the same time you know it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.



        Almost everything in our online store is limited edition. There is no mass market, mass production, unlimited quantities. We bring freshness, exclusivity and honesty. You only receive what is in stock.


        Direct purchase 

        There are no importers, distributors, supermarkets, resellers between you and your desire... We position ourselves as a service for you, since you buy directly from the manufacturer. At your request, we can send you a photo with the producer.


        Careful selection 

        Our work is an endless story. We are in constant search and tasting, looking for the best for our customers. We are always happy to share our findings with you and make recommendations. You are always welcome to join us.


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        How it works?

        As mentioned above, our job is a neverending story, as we are on a constant search and taste mission. This is what we are doing for you. So, once you select the products you would like to order, we are on it. We go there and get those for you. And then we pack it and send it via one of our reliable shipping partners. 

        It is important to note that the send-out of goods is conducted once per week, every Monday morning.  Within the EU, usually,   it takes 2-3 days to reach your doorstep.   Some other destinations may  take more time ,   but we will do our best to make sure that you will get your order as soon as possible.

        Of course, there's always an option of express delivery,  for this kind of service please contact us directly. 

        To make a long story short   

        You choose

         You roam through our catalogue, make your selection and payment.

        We go directly to the producer

        Your wish is our command and we are departing to collect the goods for you.

        We send 

        Goodies purchased, packed and sent. 

        You enjoy

        The long and winding road that leads to your door is conquered and you dive into gastro delicacies from the ecoregion of Istra.

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        About Us

        True lovers of Istria and everything she is offering, gastro enthusiasts, lovers of life, family-oriented and open-minded people.  Our wish is not to sell products, but to provide a true Istrian experience.  We believe in the satisfaction of all 5 senses through locally produced, natural quality and authenticity. We are investing ourselves in the search for the best because only the best is good enough. 

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        Marko  Marković

        Istrian born, travelled and lived around the globe. A husband and a father, animal lover. Founder and chief visionary, based in the small city of Vodnjan on the very south of Istra.  He truly lives a search and taste mission, always hungry for more. Gastro enthusiast, his true passion is sardines, EVOO & maneÅ¡tra, but has a unique relationship with wine and rakija. 

        Pavlo  Biletskiy

        Coming from the south of Ukraine, the beautiful region of Kherson, roamed the world, when came to Istra immediately fell in love and stayed. A husband and a father, land and sea conqueror. Chief visionary and founder. Experienced skipper, who specializes in gastro and sea tours, but has a unique relationship with wine and rakija. 

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