Rakija Gino Travarica, Martesi

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Introducing Herbal Spirit, an ode to the freshness of the Mediterranean and the character of Ćićarija. Immerse yourself in the unique essence of the Adriatic coast and the mountainous part of Istria. This spirit is a harmonious blend inspired by the synergy of herbs, crafted through a combination of steam and traditional distillation, followed by a meticulous maceration process.

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About Martesi Rakija Gino Travarica

Gino is no ordinary herbal spirit. It's a labour of love, patience, and experimentation. The journey began a decade ago with an old herbal spirit recipe, laying the foundation for the product we have today. Experimenting with herbs, their collection, drying, and maceration, Gino has evolved into the unique spirit it is now. It continues to transform each year, adapting to the quality of herbs available.

Crafted through a triple distillation process, Gino starts with a base brandy distilled twice. In the third distillation, a carefully selected blend of herbs is introduced. The herbs are categorized, with some going directly into the pot, others undergoing maceration, and the most delicate ones, following a method similar to gin production, subjected to steam distillation, preserving their essence without direct contact with the liquid. It's intriguing to maintain a consistent herbal profile each year while the herbs themselves vary depending on the season.

Gino's production involves constant motion and dance of the herbs in the pot, in direct contact with the copper still, under the flame, yet never burning. Instead, they create new aromas that only such a unique still can produce. After distillation, a portion of the herbs undergo maceration, resulting in the final Gino.

This meticulous approach aims to extract the maximum flavour from each plant, rewarding the process with a rich tapestry of aromas and flavours that define Gino's distinctive character.

Main characteristics

Raw material: Brandy from Istrian grape marc, steam distillation of herbs, and classic distillation of Mediterranean herbs and maceration of Mediterranean herbs.

Main ingridients: A blend of 20 herbs, dominated by juniper, lavender, mint, coastal heather, thyme, and Mediterranean fruits such as pomegranate, fig...

Base brandy distillation: Double distillation on a hand-forged copper alembic with separation of the head and tail of the brandy.

Aging: One year in stainless steel barrels.

Aroma: A harmonious blend of various herb aromas, with a pronounced emphasis on juniper, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and a finishing touch of sweetness and freshness from mint. A brandy that evokes the essence of the Mediterranean maquis.

Alcohol content: 38.09%

Made in Istra recommends Gino as a perfect digestif after meals or for refreshing during dinner, as well as an excellent addition to cocktails.

About Martesi Distillery

In the alchemical realms of flavour and tradition, the enchanting tale of Distillery Martesi unfolds, a narrative that commenced its spirited journey in 2012. Guided by the visionary vigour of owner Davor Turković, each distillation, maceration, and artful choreography of herb and grape cultivation at Martesi is a poetic ode to the heartbeat of Istria – an odyssey delving into the very soul of this captivating land.

Within the hallowed walls of Martesi, the alchemy of transformation is not merely a craft; it is a fervent pursuit of bridging the ethereal gap between the tangible and the intangible – a quest to capture the very essence of Istria's terrain, the whispers of its winds, the flavours that linger on its vines, and the timeless customs that shape its spirit.

Distillery Martesi stands as a vibrant testament, a fervent elevation of tradition, where the wish is for the achieved pinnacle to become a dynamic heritage, a fertile ground from which new possibilities may sprout and flourish once more. 'Martesi' isn't just a name; it is a toponym resonating with the echoes of the vineyard and orchard that bore the first fruits for rakija production. It is a living canvas where premium Vignac grapes, destined for their flagship product, now flourish under the Istrian sun.

Situated amidst the splendour of a coveted location, Martesi crafts its premium distillates from the revered Malvasia and Muscat Rose of Poreč, traditional varieties cherished through time. Yet, Martesi's passion extends beyond the vineyards to the untamed realms of local aromatic herbs and fruits, unfurling new possibilities daily. Their pursuit is not just about crafting rakija; it is a mission to redefine its status – to showcase that rakija can be a noble elixir, standing shoulder to shoulder with the finest distillates across the globe.

In the heart of Istria, Martesi beckons connoisseurs and curious souls alike to embark on a sensory odyssey, where tradition intertwines with innovation, and every sip is a symphony echoing the spirit of a land steeped in allure and heritage.

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